Tips on How to Make a Strong Offer When Looking at Homes for Sale

For some people, haggling is part of the fun of buying real estate. But, for others, navigating the tricky world of making offers and evaluating different properties can be a daunting prospect. Below, you will find four tips for bargaining in your own best interests when looking at an Ottawa home for sale.


1. Do not be afraid to under offer

Under-offering is always a good idea. Offer the seller a price that is as low as you dare to go whilst still staying reasonable. Remember, too, that most sellers will offer a higher asking price than you may be willing to accept. So, you may be surprised at the offers that they end up agreeing to. Set the bar quite low from the start, and you can expect them to meet you somewhere in the equitable middle.

2. Keep a Poker Face

Negotiating is all about influence and one simple but powerful negotiating tip if you are negotiating face to face is to leave the room each time that you make an offer. That way, you have time to regain your composure, and you prevent the person you are negotiating with from influencing you.

You may think you’re being stern with the way you make the offer, but they may be able to read how excited you actually are to close the deal. It’s not that you should come into a negotiation thinking you’ll be outsmarted, but it would be nice, too, if you can make the purchase at a lower price, thanks to a good deal.

3. Know what you are looking for

Decide which aspects of your home are essential. What is a deal breaker for you and what is something you might let slide? Is garage space essential? Are you ok with a home that has a very small attic, even though you would prefer a large one? Offers are not just about getting a good price for the property but about getting a good price for the property given what you want to do with that property. Knowing these important facts will enable you to pay only what you are comfortable with.

4. Work with a Pro

Doing your research on the current status of the local property on your own could also help you make a better judgment as to how to approach this transaction. However, it still would be to your advantage if you seek the help of professionals such as real agents for Barrhaven homes for sale. Companies like MacDonald Moussa Team have the know-how and the skills not only to find you the best suited house for your, but also help you with the negotiations to get the most advantageous deal.


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