Tips for Finding Your Barrhaven Realtor

Thinking of buying or selling your home in Barrhaven? You’ve picked the right season to jump in and get the most for your money on both the buying and selling of your Barrhaven home. A home is one of, if not our greatest material asset, so this isn’t a task you want to assign to just anyone. The realtor you select to help you find or sell your first or next home is a critical starting point and can directly impact your wallet. You need a seasoned and tenacious professional to be your advocate within your desired location.


Here are some tips to help you in your search for the right Barrhaven realtor:


Reputation is Key

A purchase or sale of this size and importance is not something that you would want in the hands of amateurs. Ask friends and family whom they’ve worked with in the Barrhaven area and would recommend. Word of mouth is always a good way to source for any service and friends (and even friends of friends) are often eager to share their experiences.


Stay Local to Your Desired Location

Barrhaven’s market is unique and should be trusted to a realtor that is intimately familiar with your target location. Using a list of realtors in Barrhaven, start to do some research legwork. Do a quick search online. Do they have a professional website, do they have multiple listings or sales in Barrhaven, do they seem knowledgeable about the area and Barrhaven real estate trends?


Interview Your Realtor Prospects

The purchase or sale of a home is bound to stir emotions and can cause stress. You need a realtor that you connect with, understands your wants and needs and is knowledgeable about Barrhaven’s dynamic real estate market. Confirm that this is their full time job and not a side hobby. Make sure you’re on the same page regarding expectations, timing, how updates will be communicated and with what frequency. Also, get a sense of how many Barrhaven clients they currently have and how many do they work with at a time. You want to make sure that your home purchase or sale gets the attention it deserves. Once you have your purchase or sale in the hands of a reputable, Barrhaven realtor, you just may find that your stress has been greatly reduced.


Ask for References

Asking for references is an important step and something that a reputable Barrhaven realtor should be able to provide to you with ease. Once you have those references, it’s important that you check them.


At MacDonald & Moussa, our agents live and breathe Barrhaven real estate. At the time of publication, we have over X homes for sale in the Barrhaven area, with more coming under contract every week. Call us today at 613-667-4663 to set up an appointment. One of our dedicated, Barrhaven real estate agents will meet with you and go over your wish list for your new home. Once we’ve reviewed what you’re looking for, expectations and timing, we will dig in and don’t give up until you’re moved in to your new home. Call 613-667-4663 or email us through our contact page, and be well on your way to working with a reputable Barrhaven realtor.




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