Ottawa Real Estate Agent Explains 5 Factors that Affect Property Value

Many things that normally happen in life can compel you to sell your home: marriage, a job at another city or state, divorce, etc. Whatever your reason may be for selling, you naturally hope to get top dollar for it. That said, there are many factors that can affect your property’s value, such as the items below. Your Ottawa and Barrhaven real estate agents describe these factors in detail to help you make a more informed decision when pricing your home.



How far is your home from important facilities such as train stations, bus stations, school, shopping malls, etc.? Proximity to these locations plays a huge role in your property’s market value. People who live far away from these places should price their property lower than those who live near.


The general area surrounding your home can greatly affect your property’s value. Simply put, some neighborhoods are just more livable than others and therefore, more desirable. If you live in an area where people are noisy, inconsiderate, and maybe even downright rude, you can expect buyers to demand a lower price or skip your property completely.


Trees are a good thing to have on a property. Aside from prettifying and greening your lawn, they can also end up boosting your home’s value. Specific types of trees come with benefits to the property, and depending on the trees you have, you can have plenty of environmentally conscious buyers lining up.


For sure, the condition of your home will be taken into account when your buyers consider how much they will be willing to pay for it. A home in pristine condition is practically guaranteed to earn top dollar than one that’s in a less than ideal state.

Negative events

Properties that have been the site of negative activity, such as a murder, suicide, crime, or haunting, buyers may start shying away once they learn about it. If your property went through any of these events, it could be a harder sell, and you will have to lower your price accordingly.

Working with a Barrhaven and Ottawa real estate agent such as those from MacDonald Moussa Team to sell your home can help you identify the right price for your property, and market it to attract the best potential buyers. Get in touch with such an agent if you’re having trouble selling your home.


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