Homes for Sale in Westboro: Latest Ottawa Real Estate Trends for Buying or Selling in Westboro


Thinking of buying or selling a home in the Westboro, Ottawa? 2013 is a great time to jump in and take advantage of the hot real estate market in Westboro. Home sales continue to grow, due to the increase in available homes for sale in Westboro and the high demand thanks to Westboro Village’s lively street scene flush with a rich art culture, music festivals, boutiques, restaurants and coffee shops across Richmond Road and Churchill Avenue.

It’s also an auspicious time to sell a home in Westboro, as the average home prices in Ottawa enjoyed a 2.4 per cent increase in 2012. If I wait to sell my home in Westboro, will I fetch a higher sales price? Not likely, delaying to sell your home in Westboro in 2013, will likely leave you with more of a headache than a greater price tag. According to the CMHC, home prices in places like Westboro, are only forecasted to rise another 0.8 per cent on top of last year’s gains.  In summary, the time to jump into the real estate market in Westboro is now; for buying or selling a home in Westboro.

Whether you’re looking for a gorgeous condo in the heart of Westboro Village; ready to entertain friends and family or a spacious home for sale in Westboro, closer to biking trails and with a view of the Gatineau Hills; your first step should be finding an agent who is intimately familiar with all that Westboro has to offer and can be your guide. At MacDonald Moussa Team, we will match you with a real estate agent that specializes in this active Westboro real estate market to help you navigate, understand and take advantage of the latest real estate trends in Westboro.

Ottawa, Westboro CMHC Real Estate Market:

  • Home starts are set to increase by 8.7% this year in Ottawa (and areas like Westboro), before moderating by approx. 15 per cent in 2013.
  • Forecasting home sales in Ottawa will total 14,000 in 2013 (Westboro and Westboro Village area proper are a major contributor to home sales in Ottawa).
  • Average price of a resale home in Ottawa increased by 2.4 per cent in 2012 and is forecast to increase by 0.8 per cent in 2013. – CMHC Housing Market Outlook: Ottawa

Finding a home for sale in Westboro to meet your needs: MacDonald Moussa Team real estate agents specialize in the Westboro and Westboro Village housing market and were again in the top 1% for Royal LePage agents in all of Canada; 2012 & 2011. Your MacDonald Moussa Team Westboro real estate agent will work tirelessly on your behalf to marry your wish list for your next home with a property in Westboro that is just what you’re looking for in your next or first home in Westboro. At MacDonald Moussa Team we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the latest real estate deals in Westboro, and will be happy to offer guidance on the:

  • best neighborhoods in Westboro based on your interests: proximity to work, friends, outdoor activities, restaurants and night life in Westboro Village or the quieter, family neighborhoods in Westboro,
  • best parks, playgrounds, and schools in Westboro,
  • proximity to transportation (Westboro or Dominion stations), restaurants (e.g. Newport Restaurant), boutiques and some of the best outdoor sports shopping in Ottawa, and
  • real estate trends and prices and hottest deals in Westboro.

Our Westboro real estate agents are known for hunting down the hottest deals on homes for sale in Westboro, while still finding the best: open floor plans, largest kitchens, bathrooms, master suites, and neighborhood amenities that the Westboro real estate market has to offer.

Thinking of selling a home in Westboro? We will get you top dollar for your Westboro home and ensure that your home is marketed aggressively to qualified buyers in Westboro. 2013, is the best opportunity we’ve seen in years for selling homes in the Westboro area. Demand continues to grow as does the average home price in Westboro.  According to the CMHC, Ottawa home prices in areas like Westboro are estimated to continue to rise in 2013. Don’t take this as a reason to delay or hold out for a better selling price on your home in Westboro, as it is only estimated to increase by approx. 0.8 per cent. At MacDonald Moussa Team, we do a comprehensive review of your home and comparable sales in the area to deliver a pricing and marketing strategy that suits your needs and will sell your Westboro home quickly and at fair price. At MacDonald Moussa Team, we do not stop until your home is sold.

Call us today at 613-825-7653 to set up an appointment to get started. One of our Westboro real estate agents will meet with you and review your wish list in detail for your new home or condo in Westboro. Once we’ve reviewed your wish list, we will aggressively begin the search for homes for sale in Westboro that match your needs. Call 613-825-7653 today, to be on your way to purchasing or selling your home in Westboro.

Start your Westboro real estate wish list: choose a desired location/neighborhood in Westboro to focus your search: Start your wish list for buying a home in Westboro, by establishing which neighborhood(s) or community you would like to focus your search and why. Some neighborhoods to consider when buying a home in Westboro: Carlingwood, Carlingwood West, Highland Park, Hampton Park, Laurentian View, McKellar Park, McKellar Heights and Woodroffe North. Take the time to really consider your location strategy and blend it with needs and wants for your next home in Westboro. For example, perhaps you’re a first time homebuyer in Westboro and need to balance being close to work, as well as easy access to friends and various outdoor activities on Ottawa River.   A great place to start your home search might be in the Laurentian View to be closer to outdoor activities if that’s more important or cut your commute and stick close to the lively neighborhoods in and north of Richmond Road in Westboro Village proper.

Westboro Factoid: Aside from Richmond Road, the other prominent street in Westboro Village is Churchill Avenue. Churchill Ave was known as Main Street, but following World War II, it was renamed in honor of Winston Churchill. A few blocks to the west, another street was originally named River Road since it bisected the neighborhood and led down to the beach on the Ottawa River. That street was renamed Roosevelt Avenue for similar post-war reasons.

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