5 Small but Helpful Real Estate Agent Tips for Selling Your Home

When approaching an Ottawa real estate agent, most people are keen to get the best price for their home. And, of course, a key part of the agent’s job is sorting this out for you. However, there are also some useful things that you can do to make your agent’s job much easier when they put your home up on the market. Below are five small things that you can do today – they may surprise you!


Clean the house thoroughly

Potential buyers do not always use their imagination when viewing your home, and it can be hard for them to see past the clutter of a messy house. So, it is definitely worthwhile cleaning your home thoroughly from top to bottom – or paying a professional to do this for you.

Your real estate agent can also help set and dress the house for you so that walk-in viewers interested in looking at the house can be welcomed into an inviting home. The point of styling the interior is not to make it look and feel like a hotel, but rather, to make it warm and homey enough for the next family moving in to enjoy it.

Think ‘curb appeal’

Attractive low walls, neat driveways, well-manicured lawn and beautiful flowers in the garden will all add to the positive first impression that buyers get when they visit your home. In particular, Barrhaven real estate agents often cite the presence of established, low maintenance, native species of plants, shrubs and trees as key selling points for potential homebuyers.

Time things right

Houses sell more quickly and more profitably in the spring. This most optimistic of seasons is a time when many people’s homes look at their best: bright, airy, warm and blooming with flowers in the back yard. So, if you are ready to sell in winter it may actually be worth your while waiting a few months before you actually put your property on the market.

Don’t let the listing sit too long

If your house has been on the market for over a month, buyers may well start to intuit that it is overpriced. Estate agents often find that homes that have been ‘sitting’ like this for 4 weeks or more just get harder and harder to shift as time wears on.

If you’re having a hard time selling off your house, or if you can already foresee that you won’t be able to devote as much time and effort to finding a buyer as you should, then hire a professional to do it for you, such as those from the MacDonald Moussa Team.


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